Stephanie Heath, Creator of Soulwork & Six Figures

"People generally mean well, want to help, and have good intentions. I think as you get older you start to become a bit jaded. You assume that everyone is busy or self-interested (...and although that may be the case for say a software engineer interviewing in San Francisco lol!) but...for the most part, people are willing to help when they can and are typically well-intentioned. I've never really met anyone that had malicious intentions. Taking on the idea of assuming the best has benefited me in my career, business, and life tenfold."

Creator of Soulwork & Six Figures, New York-based Stephanie Heath is a Job Search & Career Coach that helps soft-spoken men and women land soul-aligned, six-figure, corporate positions. Her global online business has transformed the lives of thousands of uninspired professionals by teaching them how to tap into their corporateWORTH, interview powerfully and negotiate high six-figure salaries. Her work has been featured in Yahoo Finance, HelloGiggle, LinkedIn as an Expert Voice, SoSheSlays,, and, as well as in-person and online workshops; turning awkward interviewees into confident MULTIPLE OFFER earners around the globe.