Justine McDonald, Founder, Goal Chasers

"When I started Goal Chasers, I went to visit a mentor and I was wrestling with what direction to take my business. He told me to 'just decide'. I didn't fully grasp that statement at the time but he was telling me that any decision is better than no decision. You can always course correct but if you stay with indecision too long, you never take the leap."

Justine McDonald is a mom of two, entrepreneur and coach dedicated to helping career-driven moms maximize their work and home life through online courses, events, coaching & the Mama's Got Goals Planner. She is the founder of Goal Chasers, a business coaching firm, and has had over 1,000 hours of training with some of the top personal development coaches in the world. She has also appeared as a speaker at the Fort Richmond Collegiate 2019, Louis Riel School Division 2019, MITT 2020, and TableSpace 2020.