Jerry Rollins, Author of "Enforcer to Entrepreneur" and CEO of Sage Executive Group

“A mentor of mine Charles Red Scott said in business you need to keep your eye on the horizon and have plans if the unexpected occurs. The lesson I took away was to always have back up plans. Very appropriate in 2020 and has been useful throughout my career.”

Jerry Rollins began his professional career began as a Major League hockey “enforcer”—a team’s tough guy. After leading 5 successful companies as CEO, partner or owner leading to several successful exits. Now, he coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs—with revenue ranging from $1 million to $3 billion companies and MBAs from prestigious universities—how to improve their businesses. Not bad for a high school dropout who made two game-changing, life altering moves:

1. Studying extraordinary people to learn how they became the best in their fields.

2. Writing down all their invaluable advice and insight throughout my own journey to the top.