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100 Golden Nuggets is a source for those seeking encouragement and advice in both their personal and professional life.


While watching a virtual conference, publisher Joey Amato kept writing down words of wisdom aka 'golden nuggets' given by speakers throughout the conference. Feeling a bit lost in his career progression, Joey was trying to attend as many virtual events as possible in effort to become inspired.  Joey knew that he must not be alone. For sure there were other people in the world who felt exactly the same way, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Having spent years in publishing and public relations, Joey decided to take on the task of assembling these 'golden nuggets' into one source to provide inspiration for those who may feel lost or just need a bit of encouragement. 

Even though the website is called 100 Golden Nuggets, we will not stop at 100. This will be an ever growing list of advice given by experts and thought leaders in every industry from every corner of the globe.

If you are a thought leader and would like to contribute advice, please email your nuggets along with a high-res image and social media channels to 100goldennuggets@gmail.com.


Joey Amato. Photo by JCB Photography